by Sadie Marquez Sojourn Beauty Stylist

TEXTURE! Texture is the star in this episode of OFF-Label Styles, as we feature a trio of products to create volume, shine, and definition! My inspiration came from the Ombré hair coloring technique. What inspires you? Let us know on the Sojourn Beauty Facebook, or add me (Sadie Marquez) personally, and let’s talk about your favorite ways to use Sojourn products. Feel free to become a Sojourn Beauty Cutie and post your pictures.

Remember, give us two weeks, we’ll give you healthy hair!

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Earn your CEU continuing education hours for  ONLY $25. Sojourn is very proud to  bring you LIVE education.  This online educational experience is accessible to all.   We will bring our usual  high standard of education featuring hair cutting, product education,  and styling, filmed at multiple angles.

Register now to view the 2-hour live webcast.

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