Son of Hair Guru Vidal Sassoon-Elan Sassoon Responds to The sale of the Sojourn Hair Care Company
January 15, 2014:


Sojourn Hair care was started in January 2008 by Co founder Elan Sassoon the son of hair legend Vidal Sassoon. The Sojourn Company sells a high end product line to salons around the USA, Australia, Spain and Canada. Sojourn was reportedly sold to the Leyton House, a company based in the UK, with US offices in Salem Oregon. In a statement Elan Sassoon said, “I would like to say it was a great honor to travel around the world representing Sojourn and being able to interact directly with talented stylists and salon owners.

I visited 2700 Salons in 3 years and loved every minute of it. I will miss that connection. I wish the new owners all the luck in the world with Sojourn.” When asked what Mr. Sassoon’s next project is going to be, he responded, “you will need to wait and see. There are very exciting announcements coming in 2014.”





SOJOURN Official Website:

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