Hydrangea (/haɪˈdreɪndʒ(i)ə/; common names hydrangea or hortensia) is a genus of 70-75 species of flowering plants native to southern and eastern Asia (China, Japan, Korea, the Himalayas, and Indonesia) and the Americas.

By far the greatest species diversity is in eastern Asia, notably China, Japan, and Korea.
Most are shrubs 1 to 3 meters tall, but some are small trees, and others lianas reaching up to 30 m (98 ft) by climbing up trees.
They can be either deciduous or evergreen, though the widely cultivated temperate species are all deciduous.



How to Plant Hydrangeas

Choose the perfect location for your hydrangeas to reach their full potential in growth and blooming.
The location should receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.
There should be enough room for the plant to grow to dimensions of 4 feet (1.2 meters).
The soil in the location needs to well drained. The plant should stay moist, but not stand in water. Use mulch to compensate for heavy soil, if necessary.

Wait for the proper time of year.
The temperature should not be too extreme. Hydrangeas do not do well when planting in hot temperatures or frost.
Hydrangeas thrive best if planted in the early summer or in the late fall. Study your climate for the best timing. Northern regions can usually plant hydrangeas later into the summer. Southern regions may can wait further into the fall.

Hydrangeas Decor







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