How do you SEE Yourself?

Are you like me? When I hear someone say “It’s not in the cards for me to be successful or happy” I want to SHAKE THEM and say “what are you talking about?”

This type of conditioning to me was like having the “flu without a vaccine.” In today’s world, old thinking and conditioning is equal to a computer virus. What does a virus do to our computer over time? It crashes it.

But unlike a laptop, we are not replaceable. We are unique, amazing individualized versions of ONE with a purpose. Just like nature, we are all connected.

It’s is my humble opinion that a MAJOR portion of success and happiness starts with the way we see ourselves, the way we think and the way we process life circumstances.

Our past CONDITIONING and our belief system both past and present is a MAJOR contributor to how our lives turn out.

Every time adversity entered my life, it always came with lessons, followed by growth, sometimes, non-stop years of growth. Many of the things that I have desired, using the 12 Principles Of Happiness and Success, have showed up over time, starting with belief, focused intention, action, commitment and finally, patience.

The common threads of success are:

-Never give up

-Belief in yourself no matter what others tell you

-Discover that you actually have a higher power

-Surround yourself with the right people who champion YOU!

-Help others along the way!

The 12 Principles Of Happiness and Success

1) I have developed a strong knowing that it’s up to us to create our own destiny

2) I have developed an unshakable belief in my higher self

3) I don’t let fear cloud hope, or stop action

4) I have an unshakeable belief that my higher self is constantly on call, calling forth my talent, skills, intelligence and intuition to manifest what I truly desire according to the right timetable

5) I have a firm belief that I am worthy of life’s abundance and deserve everything that life has to offer

6) I have a strong belief in my own journey and know that I’m not in a “race to success contest” with others

7) While I have made mistakes, I don’t let “the wake drive the boat.” I have learned to have short memory when it comes to mistakes. (A core teaching of Patriots coach Bill Belichick.)

8) I have developed an awareness that helping others is a faster way to actually bring abundance to ourselves

9) I don’t believe in overnight “get rich” or “get happy” stories, promotions or schemes. I do believe that the more patient we are, taking on the pace of nature, the faster we see results

10) I don’t hold grudges. I keep an open heart for compassion and forgiveness

11) Once we understand the power of our intention, the universe conspires to assist us in ways we thought were impossible. My life is living proof of this.

12) I do believe that taking action opens up the pipeline to intuition and opportunities creating momentum and finally, manifestation of our desires. After all, that’s how all of nature works: pure potential and collaboration.
By John Heroes, Mentors and Friends !

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